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Get Paid To Act No Matter Where You Live

This book is a practical guide to working as an actor without moving to Hollywood. It was written for the tens of thousands of actors living all over country (and world!) who dream of being paid as a professional actor and fall into two basic categories

1. Actors who are building experience and reel before making the big move to L.A. Both experience and reel are easier to get in smaller markets, as you will see in the book.

2. Actors who have decided to live where they are because they enjoy their quality of life or in order to maintain their commitments to family or their jobs. These actors are content to pick up acting jobs when they come along.

This book is not meant to be an attack on Hollywood (in spite of the title!) But there is a misconception that the only place an actor can get paid for his craft is in this one city-Hollywood. In these days of inexpensive digital technology and “runaway production” that shoots all over the world, that paradigm no longer holds.


Part One of this book tells you how to find jobs and get hired as a professional actor anywhere in the country. Part Two tells you how to do a good job in the role, once you are hired. And Part Three is called “The Work”. Think of it as a class for actors, in print, that gives you an idea of the way you learn from the give and take of a teacher and your fellow students as well as providing you with some proven exercises and guidance on what to look for (and what to avoid) when you look for an acting class.