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It could be a crisis situation that brings you rapid and vast attention or a corporate announcement or press conference. You could be acting in your own commercial or giving an interview. You could be arguing your case in front of a jury or having a political debate. But the way you work with media will affect how you and your message are received.

The Internet is a global visual communication tool. Television sets are used for entertainment, education, infomercials, employee and client communications, training, documentaries, college courses, community meetings, and so much more. If you have not yet been on a screen, you likely will be.

Academy Media Training is built on our experience of over 20 years in the media business. We have been coaching and training celebrities, executives, attorneys, politicians, and other professionals to appear confident and speak persuasively on-camera for over two decades.

You may have the best message out there but you have to get that message across to be effective. You need every edge you can get, in this highly competitive environment.

Academy Specialists will work with you to develop the presence, appearance, communication skills, and goals of a “persuasive communicator”. You will see immediate, positive results from focused attention, guidance, and practice.

Who should be coached?

  • Television or Radio Interviewees
  • Anyone Representing the Corp.
  • Heads of Non-profits
  • Athletes
  • Authors
  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Community leaders
  • Military Leaders
  • Corporate Executives
  • Media Relations Personnel
  • Public Relations Personnel
  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Politicians
  • Sales Professionals
  • Newscasters
  • Actors


You can’t afford to make a mistake. Competition is fierce. This is your career. People are more discerning when it comes to buying into the issues you are promoting. You must have the skills necessary to make an immediate and effective connection.


You’ve spent years training and working to get where you are — the Corporate Office. You have developed a successful corporate strategy, an effective management team, and strong business relationships. Your presence is in demand inside and outside of the corporation. Public speaking has become a regular practice. You must present a confident, positive impression wherever you speak while letting your own personality shine through.

Medical Profession

There is an ever-increasing demand for quality doctors who can provide medical information on television. Whether you want to improve your bedside manner or become a medical broadcaster, you’ve come to the right place. We concentrate on developing medical broadcasters, but the skills are effective in improving overall communication skills, bedside manner, communicating bad news, lectures and book tours. AAFT Coaching Specialists work one on one to develop and enhance skills and techniques.

We will help you make the impression on the public and attain your goals. How do we do it? The Academy’s unique knowledge of presentation and communication skills will give you or your company the advantage you need to meet your objectives.

Sessions are tailored to the criteria of each client and cover a wide variety of performance techniques. Clients rehearse in a comfortable environment, view results with a trained professional and immediately see positive results.

Private Coaching

Individual training sessions are available in our Honolulu digital studio classrooms, at your station, or at a location of your choice. Sessions are customized to the needs of each client and cover a wide variety of performance techniques.

Group Coaching

When two to five individuals in a location could benefit from the same coaching topic, it is economically advantageous to coach a group.

Participants work with a Coaching Specialist and each other, learning the tools and techniques for improved performance.

Corporate Workshops

Workshops last one to two days and are meticulously tailored to the criteria of each client. Academy workshops concentrate on developing specific skills. Clients rehearse techniques in a comfortable environment and then view results with a trained professional. Participants see immediate, positive results.

Areas of focus:

  • Credibility
  • Confidence Building
  • Audition Techniques
  • Appearing Relaxed and Composed
  • Body Language
  • Voice and Diction
  • Camera Techniques
  • Script Analysis
  • Message Strategy
  • Personal Image
  • Performance Anxiety
  • TelePrompTer /”Cold reading” skills
  • Effective Use of Visual Aids
  • Public Speaking Techniques
  • Engaging the Jury
  • Preparation for Media Interviews
  • Press Conferences
  • Persuasive Speaking