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Be really prepared for your next audition.


SRS teachers may be available to coach you on your audition or on your next job. This is NOT private lessons or classes. This is private coaching for when you have an audition or a monologue that you plan to tape or a role you will be working on. We will help you break down your script or sides and help you make clear, active choices. We will also help you stay simple and natural on camera. When you really want the job, call an expert (see bios below or see “Testimonials”) to see why SRS clients book so many jobs.


For Coaching by Jeanne or James:
Cost: $55.00 for Current SRS students
$75.00 for all others


For Coaching by Scott:
Cost: $75.00 for Current SRS students
$95.00 for all others


To reserve a time:

Call 596-8300