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Long-Term Student Discount Plan

Sorry but, we are no longer accepting new students for this class.


This class meets ONLINE ONLY, Monday nights at 7:00pm Eastern Time

Sign up and we’ll send you the link!

This is an ONGOING scene-study class so you can start at as soon as you are ready!

New students should attend at least four (4) sessions of the “Foundation Class“, which meets on Sundays at 8pm ET (May be done concurrently with the Scene-Study class).
All current Studio Members are also encouraged to attend the Foundation Class, as often as desired and at no additional cost.  The Foundation Class will teach you about Scott’s process, from Line-Learning and Breaking Down the Script, to proven, on set-tested Camera Techniques.  The Foundation Class will give you a clear understanding of Scott’s process and how to use it in your work. You can attend one or both classes each week, for one low price!

New Students – Two months for just $395! (New students MUST sign-up for two-months and must also attend at least 4 sessions of the Sunday Foundation Class (included)

Current and returning Students – just $195 per month (includes Sunday Foundation Class)

Students will learn a specific and effective approach to acting and auditioning – with a focus on television and film.

We explore acting techniques that help an actor adapt to, and exploit, the unique technical demands of working on camera(s) and unlike other classes, we focus a good deal on the business end of acting (unions, agents, set protocol, marketing, etc.)

The class uses scene-study, with a variety of texts to focus on creating real, in-depth emotions on-demand while keeping it conversational and spontaneous for every take.

Actors will learn the varied demands of working in different size shots and how that affects your performance. Students work on spontaneity, active listening, making and committing to choices, and reliably triggering real emotions.

  • Approach: How to identify and adjust to the varied technical demands of work in theatre, sitcoms, commercials, soaps, & film.
  • Text Analysis: Breaking down a script, clues to look for, what makes it a comedy or drama, line learning, timing.
  • Exercises: To strengthen imagination, concentration, and focus.
  • On-Camera Acting Techniques: Advanced techniques, how to stand, move, eye line, working in different size shots.
  • Working On-Set: What to do & What not to do, when you walk on the set, what’s expected, speed, vocabulary, crew
  • Understanding Editing: Impact on the actor, Continuity, Eye-line
  • Rehearsal/Camera Blocking: Taking Direction, dealing with last minute revisions
  • Audition Technique – Tips for Getting the Call Back: What works, What doesn’t & Why, Mock Auditions
  • Obstacles – The Key to Making Good Acting Great
  • Understanding “The Business”: Unions, Resumes & Industry Publications, Contracts, Agents & Managers
  • Active Listening — The Key to being spontaneous and connected.



This class meets on Monday nights at 7pm ET


**NEW!  Long-Term Student Discount Subscription

(Only available to students who have already trained with SRS for 3 months or more.)

In the interest of keeping committed actors in class, I am offering the following…

Students who have trained with SRS for at least 3 (not necessarily consecutive) months or more and who are willing to commit to taking class for the next 6 (six) consecutive months or more, may “SUBSCRIBE” and pay a rate of only $175 per month.  That’s a savings of $20 PER MONTH Or $120 over the six months!!  But you must commit to 6 (six) CONSECUTIVE months.

By “Subscribing” you will be allowing Paypal to auto-debit your Paypal account every month, for 6 months (yes, you must create a Paypal acct. but you can link a credit card to your account so that it debits your card each month).  After that, you simply cancel your subscription or continue at this rate for as long as you like.  SRS GUARANTEES THIS RATE FOR AS LONG AS YOU STAY CONTINUOUSLY SUBSCRIBED!

You can cancel at any time BUT, if you cancel BEFORE the initial 6-month period (which you are promising not to do, thereby getting this special rate), without repaying the saved $20 per month, you will not be eligible to take class with SRS again.

If you cancel AFTER the 6-month period, you will be eligible for a special subscription rate again in the future, however it may be a higher rate than this one.  But as stated above, as long as you stay subscribed continuously, we guarantee this rate will remain the rate you pay, for as long as this class is offered. Any time you cancel, it is my prerogative to raise this “Subscription Rate”.  Any questions please call or write Scott.

Audit Policy

Our Audit policy is relatively simple – We don’t allow audits. Ever.  Period.  The reason we don’t allow audits is because when people are watching class – even just one person – the feeling in class changes. It changes from a place where actors feel safe to try things they are not good at (yet), into a place where they are ‘performing’ and being watched.  This is not what (our) classes are for.  Class is the place you go to fail.  It’s the place you go to work on things you’re not yet good at; in order to expand your comfort zone.  And everyone else in class is trying things, experimenting, and risking humiliation too. That is why we NEVER allow people to come and watch class.  We hope you understand. So… Since we do demand a 2-month commitment for all new students, here’s what we do instead…

Money Back Guarantee

Because we don’t allow audits (but we do demand a two-month commitment from new students!), here’s how we make it fair for you.  We offer you a complete, 100% money-back guarantee.  Here’s how it works.  You sign-up, you pay, you take your first class.  If you like it, GREAT!  You’re all set.  If you don’t like it, you simply go up to the teacher AT THE END OF THAT FIRST CLASS (or sooner if you can’t stand it THAT much!) and you tell them that the class isn’t for you.  You’ll get all your money back.  No stress, no guilt, no problem.

Now there is one “catch”.  (There’s ALWAYS a catch to money-back guarantees!)

The catch is simply this: If you ask for your money back, you cannot come back.  Now that’s not meant to be punitive.  It simply means you should be ready to start class and continue IF you do like it.  If you don’t like it, as we said, you shouldn’t have to pay a penny, and you don’t.  You get all your money back.  No worries.

Missed Class Policy

If you let us know you’re going to be missing class via email – at the time you are signing-up for class, we will credit you for those class(es).  Any other absences will NOT be credited.  Obviously if WE cancel a class you will be credited for that.