Website Tips for Actors

Websites for actors has quickly become as neccessary as a headshot. They work for you while you sleep. It makes sense to have the same resume and headshot available online.  Below is a general guide on how to begin.

Buy your Domain name

You need a .com, .net, or the like to get started. Obviously the best is to get but thats not always available. The second best option is Past ,com and .net, the suffix doesn't matter as much as the prefix. Get the name closest to your own. Avoid hyphens as you'll be spelling your domain name in conversation and not as easy to remember. I recommend for domain names and basic hosting. They are as cheap and no-nonsense as you can get.

What to do wth your name now that you have it

You have your domain name. You can keep it really cheap and easy and simply have it forwarded to your IMDB page, your Facebook page, or any other link about you on the web. If you will be creating a website your name will be pointed to your hosting. Hosting is where your website physically exists. The domain name you just bought is directed to your hosting or any other link in the control panel of your domain name. There is usually a link either named "dns settings" or "nameservers". If you purchased hosting with your name, you normally won't need to alter this at all.

The Easiest Website Solutions

Make a website in Microsoft Word. Save your head shot and resume as a web page in Word and name it "index.html". Upload this file and the folder it creates with your images to your host and pau. index.html is the default file name your domain goes to. Your resume is now also linkable so go wild with links to your YouTube reel, IMDB, your agent, Facebook, etc. Here's a link to several Word resumes you can download and edit.

Another simple solution is to save your headshot and resume as a pdf and upload to your host. Casting directors , in my experience, seem to prefer pdf's. Updating your site is as simple as updating the pdf.

Wordpress is also a powerful solution. If you're mildly comfortable with blogging this is the way to go. Signup for a free Wordpress blog and simply create your acting resume with it. Wordpress charges an additional $15 a year to use It's a great deal and you can update it from your phone if you want.

Basic html sites

If you're comfortable with some  basic html there are may other solutions avialable. Here are links to a couple free resume templates.

One Page Resume Site

Create a Clean and Simple Résumé Website Design

These aren't free but inexpensive, nice, website templates Theme Forest

This video really sums up the technical breakdown agents and casting are looking for.

Hopefully this helps you understand the basics and get a few resources to get online. It's easier than ever to get your headshot and resume on the web.