Here's what a few industry professionals say about Scott Rogers Studios (Click on their names to see their IMDB page):


"Scott Rogers has an uncanny ability to recognize an actors strengths and help them make the most of those strengths in their career"
- Sheila Guthrie, Former V.P. of Talent for Paramount Studios

Casting Executive/Casting Director of:

"Becker" -  "Frasier"  -  "Cheers"  -  "JAG" - "NCIS" - "Numb3rs" - "Wings" - and more than 30 more TV Series'.



"I have worked with many coaches and teachers over the years, both on and off the set, and I have never found anyone with more talent, compassion and insight into character and script than Scott Rogers. Scott has an uncanny ability to cut to the root of an actor's immediate concern and bolstering their abilities, help them find solutions and wonderful original performances. He has my highest recommendation."
- Frank South

Writer/Director/Producer, of:

"Baywatch" -  "Cagney & Lacey"  -  "Melrose Place" -  "Hill Street Blues" - "General Hospital", and approx. 20 more TV series.



"Scott Rogers was my full time, on set acting coach for the entire season of 20th Century Fox Televisions' weekly series "North Shore". Scott coached our principle actors, guest stars and day players. His unique ability to communicate with actors to illicit an honest performance was immediately noticeable... I would not hesitate to hire Scott again and would highly recommend him to any production whether they plan to use a coach or not."
- Harry Bring

Producer of:

 "X-Files" - "Criminal Minds" - "Army Wives" - and approx. 10 more TV Series.



“Scott Rogers is quite simply the best director on the planet… Period”.
- Jayne Meadows, Actress - Beverly Hills



"Since my first board meeting in 2008, I've gotten to know Scott Rogers. His long established history as an advocate for actors, his commitment to merger, and service as National Co-Chair of the Conservatory Committee make Scott the clear choice. His vision for the future of SAG-AFTRA is needed at this critical time."
-Ken Howard, Actor and SAG-AFTRA National President


"I had the pleasure of working with Scott Rogers on the Fox drama "North Shore." In television, when you are working against a deadline and pounding out a one hour episode in a week, there are certain variables that are often overlooked. As an actor, you experience this on a daily basis. There never seems to be enough time for preparation. Also, it can be difficult for the director to stay on schedule while giving you the time you need for your performance. On "North Shore," however, we were lucky. Despite the time constraints and deadlines, we always had the opportunity to be prepared, because we had Scott Rogers on set with us. He was the one person who was always there for the actor. It gave me a great deal of confidence and security knowing that Scott was there for me. He is a great coach and a wonderful person to have by your side."

-Nikki DeLoach - Actress/Singer. 

Series Regular on:

"Awkward" - "Misery Loves Company" - "North Shore" - "Days of Our Lives", and over 20 other Films and TV shows.



"Your class made me feel ahead of the game when I first got here (L.A.). Industry chat rocks, and postcards really do work!"

-Brittany Ross - Actress  

Appears in: "Desperate Housewives" - "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" - "Switched at Birth", and approx. 10 more Films & TV shows.



"Thank you for allowing me to study your acting techniques and methods. I have learned immensely from your intermediate and advanced acting classes and I take these lessons to each audition that I attend. Everywhere I go, I sing the praises of the ‘Scott Rogers Studios’ and the fine work that you do. My only regret is not being able to attend more classes because of the increased airfare from Kona.
Again, Thanks Scott,"
Pomai Brown Actor

Featured in Adam Sandler's film "50 First Dates" - "Hawaii Five-0" - "North Shore", etc.

“… love you for the great actors that you are producing here in Hawaii. You rock...big time. It's so funny that many of the actors I pulled from my files and called said "oh we just left Scott's class"…Your actors are really benefiting from your coaching and I (as a casting director) thank you. So rewarding to read and see these talented artists.”
-Laurie Foi, Casting Director/Producer



“Scott Rogers has the experience, credentials, and the ability to help elevate our Hawaii performers to the next level. Our talent pools need to compete on a national level and with the establishment of Scott’s new Academy, they’ll be provided the resources to do so.”
- Ryan Brown, Owner, ADR Talent Agency

“I’ve been a television and film actor in Hawaii for the last 30 years and I would like to acknowledge Scott Rogers for the significant contribution he’s made to my abilities and skills in that area.”
-Geoff Heise,  Actor 

Appears in: "LOST" - "Murder She Wrote" - "Magnum P.I." - "Hawaii Five-0" - "Jake and the Fat Man", etc.


"Scott Rogers is an insightful and honest acting coach. Scott always looks to improve on the talents and careers of his students by providing them with guidance and invaluable industry knowledge. Classes with Scott are an excellent way to prepare, pursue, and develop a career in acting."
-Taylor Tan, Actress


"I have known Scott for 5 years-attended his classes as well as had one on one sessions. I have also attended acting classes in Los Angeles at several locations including the Milton Katsellas Beverly HIlls Playhouse. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate Scott an 11. His commitment to helping you focus and to bring out the best in all his students is unparalleled."
Samar Anthony, Actress



“I studied in the BFA acting program at the USC School of Theatre and was pleased with my training, but Scott’s class has really given me the auditioning and camera skills that I need as a professional actor. I’ve grown more as an actor in his class than with any other teacher I’ve had.”
-Luka Lyman, Actress – Los Angeles


"Scott Rogers has been the best help I've had to my acting career yet. If it wasn't for Scott's classes and advice I never would have booked my guest role on NBC's "Hawaii". I never would have had the confidence and courage to move to LA to pursue my acting career without Scott. He has helped me go places in my acting I never thought were possible and constantly pushed me to try new things. I value Scott's incredible wisdom about the business, ability to make all his students better actors, and sincerity in wanting his students to succeed. I would recommend Scott's classes to anyone who is serious about acting and truly wants to get better because if you follow his teaching and advice, you will."
- Ida Anderson, Actress - Los Angeles