“Scott Rogers has an uncanny ability to recognize an actors strengths and help them make the most of those strengths in their career”

– Sheila Guthrie, Former V.P. of Talent for Paramount Studios.  Casting Executive/Casting Director of:  “Becker” –  “Frasier”  –  “Cheers”  –  “JAG” – “NCIS” – “Numb3rs” – “Wings” – and more than 30 more TV Series’.


“I have worked with many coaches and teachers over the years, both on and off the set, and I have never found anyone with more talent, compassion and insight into character and script than Scott Rogers. Scott has an uncanny ability to cut to the root of an actor’s immediate concern and bolstering their abilities, help them find solutions and wonderful original performances. He has my highest recommendation.”

– Frank South, Writer/Director/Producer, of: “Baywatch” –  “Cagney & Lacey”  –  “Melrose Place” –  “Hill Street Blues” – “General Hospital”, and approx. 20 more TV series.


“Scott Rogers was my full time, on set acting coach for the entire season of 20th Century Fox Televisions’ weekly series “North Shore”. Scott coached our principle actors, guest stars and day players. His unique ability to communicate with actors to illicit an honest performance was immediately noticeable…”

– Harry Bring, Producer of:   “X-Files” – “Criminal Minds” – “Army Wives” – and approx. 10 more TV Series.



Scott, coaching actors on set, L. to R. “Game of Thrones” star, Jason Momoa…”Dog Eat Dog” and “Shallow Hal” star Brooke Burns… And “Happy Gilmore” star, Christopher McDonald.


Now teaching in Portland!


At the Actors in Action office/studio

323 NE Wygant St. Suite 203, Portland, Oregon 97211


This class meets on Tuesday evenings, at 6:30 pm.

How much?

Special Introductory Price – Two months for just $300! You save $100 for signing up now! (Regular price is $200 per month)




Students will learn a specific and effective approach to acting and auditioning in television and film.


This ongoing class will explore acting techniques that help an actor adapt to, and exploit, the unique technical demands of working on camera(s) and unlike other classes, we focus a good deal on the business end of acting (unions, agents, set protocol, marketing, etc.)

The class uses scene-study, with a variety of texts to focus on creating real, in-depth emotions on-demand while keeping it conversational and spontaneous for every take.

Actors will learn the varied demands of working in different size shots and how that affects your performance. Students work on spontaneity, active listening, making and committing to choices, and reliably triggering real emotions.


  • Approach: How does the work in theatre, sitcoms, commercials, soaps, & film differ for actors?
  • Text Analysis: Breaking down a script, clues to look for, what makes it a comedy or drama, line learning, timing.
  • Exercises: To strengthen imagination, concentration, and focus.
  • On-Camera Acting Techniques: Advanced techniques, how to stand, move, eye line, working in different size shots.
  • Working On-Set: What to do & What not to do, when you walk on the set, what’s expected, speed, vocabulary, crew
  • Understanding Editing: Impact on the actor, Continuity, Eye-line
  • Rehearsal/Camera Blocking: Taking Direction, dealing with last minute revisions
  • Audition Technique – Tips for Getting the Call Back: What works, What doesn’t & Why, Mock Auditions
  • Obstacles – The Key to Making Good Acting Great
  • Understanding “The Business”: Unions, Resumes & Industry Publications, Contracts, Agents & Managers
  • Active Listening — The Key to being spontaneous and connected.