Q. I paid my agent a one-time sign up fee and paid her for some classes she told me I needed. I haven't gotten any work from her - or even an audition! Now she wants me to pay to put my picture on her website so casting directors will see me and call me to audition. Is this a good idea?

A. No. It's a very bad idea. A legitimate agent or manager NEVER charges a fee. Ever. They make their money by getting you work and taking a commission (usually 10% sometimes as high as 20% for non-union work in Hawaii). Agents also shouldn't be offering services like pictures and classes - it's illegal in Los Angeles - and the website thing is a scam. Your agent should put you on their website for free because if they really believe it will lead to a job, then they'll get a commission. You're actually better off getting your own website for about $20 -  a month and promoting it yourself.

Q. How much do classes cost?

A. It would naturally depend upon which class and how long you sign up for but we offer many classes for under $165 a month.


Q. Will you hire me if you think I am a good actor?

A. No.  We will not hire you or send you on auditions.  An agent sends you on auditions and casting directors, producers and directors hire you.  We will train you with the skills you need to find acting jobs, audition well for them, and perform the job professionally.  That's why our actors work.


Q. How do I know if a teacher is any good?

A. Check them out.  See if they have worked professionally.  All the teachers who teach at Scott Rogers Studios are members of the Screen Actors Guild but that is only a start.  Look at their bios to see where they trained and where they've worked.  To be perfectly frank, their are only a handful of qualified acting teachers in Hawaii.  Don't be fooled by hype.



Q. Why do people need coaching to communicate?

A. Many reporters and news anchors are trained to develop stories and write, but many don’t put as much emphasis on the need to read and tell stories well. Businessmen, politicians, doctors, military - all may know everything about doing their jobs but nothing about communicating through the media. Media Coaching helps you by giving you a roadmap to follow so that you can build your skills and sound more believable.

Q. If I’m telling the truth, why do I need to be "believable"?

A. It’s not enough to be truthful, you have to be believed. There are many physical and vocal hints that you convey when you speak and people subconsciously respond to these, to determine if they believe you. By learning what they are and controlling them, you can greatly increase your credibility.