Teens on Camera Winter Session

teen-largeJanuary 9 - March 27

Thursdays from 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Our Teens-on-Camera classes are designed for teens with little or no training. Students will explore varied acting, improvisational, auditioning and on-camera techniques that give the actor a foundation from which to begin working in commercials and then build upon, with training in theatre, television and film.

$540.00 + HI Sales Tax $24.30

The curriculum applies standard acting skills to the needs and requirements of audition and performance situations, in a very fun, non-competitive, and pressure free environment. Students learn to focus on believability while remaining conversational, recognizing style and gaining audition security. This course will also teach students the required skills for cold reading. They will learn acting techniques tailored to the technical demands of the camera - i.e. acting in C.U. vs master shots, "hitting marks", finding and working in key light, and understanding eye-line, as well as the differences between acting for the stage and acting for the camera. Students will focus on character development, script analysis and listening (action/reaction) skills through imagination games and improvisation.

Upon completion of this course student will have a firm understanding of:

  • Improvisation: (understanding Objective and Obstacles)
  • Text Analysis: (4 easy steps to breaking down a script)
  • Building a Character: (Being Believable)
  • Introduction to the Camera: (The Basics — Camera technique, shot types, Frame size, etc.)
  • Camera 2: (Advanced On-Camera techniques)
  • Working On-Set: (what to do & what not to do, crew, expectations)
  • Audition Technique: The Secret to Getting Call-Backs: (getting the job, what works, what doesn’t and why, how to dress, what to say)
  • "Cold" Readings: (tips and technical adjustments)
  • Listening: The Key to Great Acting: (Making Good Acting Great)
  • Understanding "The Business" (Unions, Resumes & Industry Publications, Contracts, Agents & Managers). Parents invited to attend this session.

Fun & Professional Training: SRS will train your teens with the acting skills they must have to work as actors in film, theatre, and television. Students participate in fun exercises, including improvisations, roll playing, imagination games, mock auditions and on-camera acting, in small classes.