Master Class

Entry into this class is by audition only.

This class meets on Monday nights at 7:00pm, and is designed for working professionals who are already experienced in on-camera technique and have a clear understanding of all aspects of scene study. The serious student who is looking to develop a deeper understanding of how to get from a page in a script to a real and captivating character that draws the audience in. This class will concentrate on advanced scene study, audition techniques, emotional preparation, and improvisation to create real and deep-emotions. The class will also gain a deeper understanding of "the business". Students are here to experiment--to grow.

The Master Class is about stretching your limits.  Venturing into areas beyond your comfort zone.

We create an atmosphere of trust, in the classroom--a place where trial and error is not only acceptable but we believe that if you aren't making mistakes you simply aren't trying hard enough. You see, when you're performing on-camera or for an audience, it's got to work--you make choices that are in your comfort zone - that you KNOW will work, when the director says "Action". However, if you do nothing but perform, then you are stuck with what you know works.  You have so much more potential, but, you can't take a chance on reaching for it, because you've GOT to be able to deliver the goods when the camera’s roll.

This is where class comes in. Our master class gives you something you never get in performance - the platform from which to leap and soar and, the safety net, in which to catch you if you fall.  It's O.K.  There's no audience in the classroom--just a sympathetic teacher and fellow students who are crashing and burning, as often as you are. And you are all creating and honing the tools you use to reach new heights and find new ways to express yourself.

Our Master Class is a place to train and maintain the professional actor.